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Name change procedures are usually simple matters that most people can handle without the assistance of an attorney. The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Oklahoma name change law and procedure:

What Are The Residency Requirements For Filing a Name Change Petition in Oklahoma?

Answer: § 12-1631 of the Oklahoma Statutes sets forth the residency requirements that must be met in order to commence a name change proceeding in Oklahoma. That section provides for a 30-day residency requirement. This means that if you have resided in Oklahoma (including individuals residing on military bases), you may file a petition with the court to change your name.

Where Do I File the Petition?

Answer: The petition is filed in the District Court of the county where you reside.

Who May File for a Name Change for a Minor?

Answer: Name change actions for minors may be brought by the guardian or next friend.

What Information is Required for the Petition?

Answer: § 12-1632 of the Oklahoma Statutes lists the information that must be included in your petition. That section provides as follows:

The petition shall be verified and shall state: (a) The name and address of the petitioner; (b) The facts as to domicile and residence; (c) The date and place of birth; (d) The birth certificate number, and place where the birth is registered, if registered; (e) The name desired by petitioner; (f) A clear and concise statement of the reasons for the desired change; (g) A positive statement that the change is not sought for any illegal or fraudulent purpose, or to delay or hinder creditors.

Is there a Publication Requirement?

Answer: Yes. Pursuant to § 12-1633 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice must be published at least ten (10) days prior to the date set for hearing in some newspaper authorized by law to publish legal notices printed in the county where the petition is filed

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

Answer: Most name change petitions are filed without the involvement of an attorney. Our self-help forms package contains the instructions and forms that most people need to change their names.